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Laboratoire GMF offers you a complete range of products intended for pest control professionals as well as for private individuals looking for highly performing products in order to get rid of pests by their own means.

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  • SKU: KD201A

    Knock Down™ Automatic BVT Dispenser

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  • SKU: KD640T

    Knock Down™ Bed Bug Detective

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  • SKU: KD620T

    Knock Down™ Bug Stick

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  • SKU: KD606T

    Knock Down™ Cheese Pedal Mouse Trap

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  • SKU: KD612T

    Knock Down™ Fly Bee Gone™ Hard Shell Wasp Trap

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  • SKU: KD0504

    Knock Down™ Fly Swatters

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  • SKU: KD621T

    Knock Down™ Fly Tape

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  • SKU: KD622T

    Knock Down™ Fly Tape

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  • SKU: KD610T

    Knock Down™ Fly Trap Bag

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  • SKU: KD603T

    Knock Down™ Insects Motel

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  • SKU: KD0505

    Knock Down™ Lizard Tongue™ Fly Ribbon

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  • SKU: KD602T

    Knock Down™ Mouse Glue Trap

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