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The company LABORATOIRE G.M.F. (1983) INC. (“G.M.F.”) owns and operates a website at the following address: https://www.laboratoiregmf.com/en/ (the “Website”).

Through its Website, G.M.F. allows you to buy certain products online. Before continuing, please take note of the following terms and conditions which apply to all online orders or purchases (collectively the “Terms and Conditions”). By browsing the Website, you also accept the following conditions. If you do not consent to these conditions, please do not consult this Website. Any and all consultation will be considered as representing your complete agreement to said conditions as a whole, which conditions are subject to modification at any time and without prior notice.


    1. 1.1.Copyright. The form and content of the Website are protected by intellectual property rights held exclusively by G.M.F. and include authors’ rights, trademark rights, or other rights for which G.M.F. is licensed or authorized. It is strictly prohibited for anyone to use, reproduce, publish or otherwise share in any manner the Website’s texts, images, videos, files, information or any other content without the written and signed consent of a G.M.F. authorized representative.
    2. 1.2.Privacy Policy. We invite you to review our Privacy Policy to learn about how we handle your personal data.
    3. 1.3.Liability. G.M.F. takes necessary measures to ensure the information provided on their Website is current and accurate. However, G.M.F. makes no guarantee of any kind that the Website content, including product descriptions or photographs, is accurate at all times or in all respects, or that it is complete or fully updated at the time the Website is consulted. Should some errors occur on the Website from time to time, G.M.F. will rectify them as soon as they are identified. You are invited to contact G.M.F. to advise them of any inconsistencies you may have noticed on the Website.Furthermore, the Website’s content is presented as general information, and under no circumstances shall it be deemed to constitute an opinion, advice, or a recommendation as to the use of a product in a specific factual situation or as to any use of a product in general. Any and all utilization is notably subject to the manufacturer’s instructions, directives and recommendations, and G.M.F. does not enter into any commitment in this respect.

      For any question concerning the products or their use, please consult the Website’s Frequently Asked Questions section, or contact G.M.F. using the contact information provided at Section 3.1 further below.


    1. 2.1.Delivery locations. G.M.F. delivers only in the provinces of Québec, Ontario, and New Brunswick. Certain limitations could apply depending on the delivery address or your region, or depending on the period of the year as more amply described hereinafter;
    2. 2.2.Availability. When the Website indicates an item is out of stock (or any other similar expression), it shall not be possible to order the item. Despite the foregoing, G.M.F. does not guarantee the products advertised on their Website will be available when ordered online. If the ordered item is in stock, you will receive an e-mailed notice of shipment confirming the product(s) you ordered are indeed available. Otherwise, you will receive an e-mailed message informing you the item is not available and that the order has been cancelled.
    3. 2.3.Display of products. The descriptions of products displayed on the Website may not be identical to those given by the manufacturer, or as exhaustive. In such a case, the manufacturer’s description shall take precedence. Product pricing may be modified at any time and without prior notice. The display of products on the Website in no way constitutes an offer or promise of sale or any similar commitment, nor does it commit G.M.F. to conclude a sale with you for such a product.
    4. 2.4.Product information. Before using any product, it is required to carefully read the label and the manufacturer’s recommendations to understand the prescribed dilution and instructions for use, as well as the limitations, exceptions and contraindications as the case may be. Take note the products’ Class categories apply only for the province of Québec. In selling the products, G.M.F. acts solely as a distributor and as such can only provide general information. To obtain recommendations, advice or opinions about the use of a product in your specific situation, please refer to the advice of a pest control professional.
    5. 2.5.Verifications. G.M.F. may verify the validity of a permit with regard to the products before accepting an order, or carry out any other routine verification in particular to comply to applicable legislation. Notwithstanding the foregoing, no products sold by G.M.F. carry any indications as to the licences, permits, authorizations, certifications or others that are required for the purpose of buying, possessing or using any product (in whole or in part). Any absence of verification on the part of G.M.F. shall not be interpreted as constituting proof of conformity. G.M.F may, from time to time, indicate its products are or might be subject to permits, licences or others. However, the sole lack of such indication on the part of G.M.F. or their sole lack of drawing the customer’s attention to these elements shall under no circumstance be considered as proof of conformity or as another form of utilization of the product(s) sold, all of which is under the customer’s responsibility, and G.M.F. warrants no liability nor any undertaking in this respect.
    6. 2.6.Delivery costs. You are responsible for delivery costs. Delivery costs vary depending on the destination or on the time the order is placed or delivered. Delivery costs are automatically calculated on the Website. Additional costs may apply for remote areas, in which case G.M.F. shall contact you at the coordinates you indicated when placing your order. In case of discrepancy between the amount shown on the Website and the amount shown on the invoice issued by G.M.F., the latter amount shall prevail.
    7. 2.7.Delivery times and terms. Orders are normally shipped within one (1) to two (2) business days after confirmation of your order of available, in-stock items. Delivery to certain areas could be longer and could vary depending on the time of year, in particular depending on the level of demand in the transportation industry, all of which are beyond G.M.F.’s control.The transportation method and choice of carriers are at G.M.F.’s entire and sole discretion.

      The products are delivered and remitted without signature and generally include a tracking link. In case of error in the delivery address you provided us, you may be invoiced for additional fees (for example an incorrect civic address number, an incorrect apartment number).

    8. 2.8.Currency. Unless indicated otherwise, all prices shown on the Website are in Canadian dollars and exclude all applicable taxes, such as consumer taxes (GST/PST or HST).
    9. 2.9.Payments. Laboratoire G.M.F. uses Stripe to process payments. In order to maintain a high level of security during the transaction and payment, confidential information is transmitted directly to Stripe without passing through G.M.F. servers. Please carefully read the conditions displayed on the payment platform.
    10. 2.10.Warranty. Any conventional warranty applicable to the products sold by G.M.F. is strictly limited to that of the manufacturer, subject to applicable law as the case may be. Some limitations or exceptions may apply and may be specified to you during the confirmation of your online purchase. Please give special attention to any mention to this effect, notably on the final confirmation of your order.For any request or claim, notably a claim by virtue of the manufacturer’s warranty, you must contact G.M.F. before returning the defective product. It may be possible for you to send your request or claim directly to the manufacturer under the terms and conditions of their warranty, and pursuant to the manufacturer’s instructions and directives. In such a case, you will have to contact the manufacturer directly.

      Prior to accepting to honour any warranty, G.M.F. reserves the right to require photographs of the product and its accessories, as well as of the packaging in order to confirm any aspect relating to the applicable warranty. Certain provisions at Section 2.13 may apply.

      Any shipment to G.M.F. must be sent to the address indicated at Section 3.1 below unless otherwise indicated in writing by G.M.F.

    11. 2.11.Order cancellation. It is possible to cancel your order to the extent your cancellation request is made before we have shipped your order and no later than twenty-four (24) hours after the confirmation of your online order. To cancel an order, please contact G.M.F. at the address shown in Section 3.1 below.
    12. Return policy. Upon receipt of your order, you must (as much as possible) preserve the products in their original packaging in order to be able to request a refund or an exchange.To receive a refund, an exchange or a credit, you must contact us at the coordinates indicated at Section 3.1 below and no later than ten (10) days following delivery or pick-up of your order pursuant to the procedure indicated at Section 2.13 below. After this period has expired, subject to the conventional and legal warranties applicable to your order as the case may be, and subject to the present Terms and Conditions being respected, no refund, exchange or credit shall be authorized except at G.M.F.’s discretion.

      The refund, credit or exchange which G.M.F. might authorize do not include delivery costs and the reasonable administration fees that may be incurred; these costs are to be paid by you. Likewise, you are responsible for the delivery cost when returning a product.

      The following products are non-returnable, non-exchangeable, and non-creditable:

      • - Products identified as non-returnable on the Website, or at the time your purchase transaction is completed;
      • - Products (and their accessories) that are not in their original packaging or damaged, or for which some packaging, manuals, manufacturers’ documents or notices, accessories, parts or any other similar item are missing.
      • - Products (and their accessories) that have been utilized (partly or completely), are worn, scratched, modified or damaged;
      • - Products sold for clearance, on sale, sold at a discount or as a “final sale”.

      Furthermore, following inspection by G.M.F. after having received your parcel of returned products in the manner prescribed herein, the products which cannot be resold will be considered as non-returnable. In such a case, G.M.F. will contact you at the coordinates you indicated at the time of your purchase or subsequently in writing.

    13. 2.13.Returning a purchase. To request a refund, exchange or credit pursuant to Section 2.12, you must contact G.M.F. at the coordinates provided at Section 3.1 below, no later than ten (10) days following the delivery or pick-up of your order.At G.M.F.’s request, you must provide the following information in order to receive a refund, an exchange, or a credit:
      • - Invoice number;
      • - Method of payment and its related information;
      • - Product code and quantity;
      • - Photographs of the packaging or the products;
      • - Reasons or causes for returning the product;
      • - Your complete contact information;
      • - Payment for the anticipated return fees;
      • - Any other information required by G.M.F.

      When your request to return a product will have been processed, you will receive an e-mailed message giving you a return authorization number to be printed and sent back with the product you wish to return. Absolutely no product return will be authorized without a valid return authorization code included in the package of returned product.

      You will be responsible for the payment of the cost of shipping and delivering the return package.

      When G.M.F. will have received and verified your returned package and confirmed it complies with the Terms and Conditions and is admissible, G.M.F. shall, at its own discretion, issue a refund or a credit, or allow you to exchange the product according to the previously agreed upon arrangement and subject to the returned package’s admissibility and conformity to the Terms and Conditions.

      If your returned package is not admissible or non-compliant, you will have the option to pick up your package at G.M.F.’s store location at the address provided at Section 3.1 below within ten (10) days, or to pay the shipping and delivery costs to have the product returned to you.


    1. 3.1.Contact information. Please use the following contact information for all communications with G.M.F.:

      Company Name:

      Laboratoire G.M.F. (1983) inc.
      Attention: Returns/Refunds Department

      Adresse :

      7485, avenue Duplessis
      Saint-Hyacinthe (Québec) J2R 1S5