Knock Down™ Bed Bug Killer

Do it yourself! Kill bed bugs in your home, effectively. Easy to use. Made with pyrethrin, a substance found in the chrysanthemum flower.


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• Pyrethrin from Chrysanthemum flowers (a Botanical Insecticide)
• Water based
BED BUG INFO: • A full sized adult Bed Bug is approximately the size of a small apple seed. • They are HITCHHIKERS and can attach themselves to almost anything. • They require Bloodmeals to survive and to breed. • Bed Bugs can survive for a long time and thus travel well. WHERE DO THEY HIDE: • Bed bugs have many hiding places including: bags & suitcases, bed frames & headboards, box springs, seems & creases of mattresses, baseboards & other furniture cracks and crevices, cracks & crevices around room, behind furniture, etc.
WHAT TO DO: • Gather all items such as: pillows, blankets, clothes, etc. And use high heat to kill the bugs by placing them into the dryer. • Spray mattress lightly, particularly around seams and tufts. Take beds apart spray bed frame and springs including all joints. • Multiple applications may be needed to solve the problem (repeat as required).

Always read the label and product information before use.
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