Knock Down™ PRO 155 – Farm, Barn & Livestock

Product ready to use. Ideal in stables (horse, beef or other), dairy and pig farming facilities, pigsties, feedlots, dog kennels, agricultural structures, livestock buildings or chicken coops.

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Data sheet of Knock Down™ PRO 155 – Farm, Barn & Livestock
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The purchase of this product requires a Class 3 license from the MELCC. Please contact us to open an account.


• Ready to use (RTU) Liquid
• Botanical Insecticide Pyrethrum
• Space spray and fogger
• Can be used in a U.L.V. Sprayer
• Great for use as a space spray (fogger) in barns, horse barns, dairy and hog barns, feed lots, piggeries, milk rooms, beef barns, horse stables, kennels and other farm structures or buildings housing animals or poultry and poultry houses.
• Also designed for use as a spray to protect dairy, beef Cattle, hogs and horses from the attack of biting flies.

Always read the label and product information before use.
Classes only apply in Quebec

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