Knock Down™ Spray Extender

This extension can be attached to a broom to help you waste less product during use. It helps you get closer to your target for the most efficient work possible.


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• Spray wasp and hornet nests too far to reach with wasp spray.
• Spray in-ground or other horizontal nests accurately and from a safe distance.
• Paint distant objects, flag poles, shutters, gutters, cover up graffiti …etc.
• Fits most aerosol can size & trigger tops.
• No ladders required.
• Avoid stings.
• Convenient to Use – Just attach to your extension pole or threaded broom handle.
• Reduce the amount of spray used and hit targets accurately.
• Ability to aim and targets spray exactly at entrance of nest.
• Extends the reach of foaming sprays which typically do not spray long distances.
• Stay a comfortable and safe distance from the nest

Always read the label and product information before use.
Classes only apply in Quebec

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