PiACTIVE™ Wallet Size

This DEET-FREE product is pocket and travel-size (CATSA compliant) and made with icaridin. It is soft on skin while maintaining its powerful repulsive effect.

Ideal for children (6 months or older). This insect repellent will allow you to enjoy your favourite outdoor activities without getting bitten by flying and crawling insects (which can carry disease).

Works for up to 12 hours, does not cause allergies, irritation or damage to clothing. Sold with a compass and whistle!


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• Convenient carry size
• Complies with CATSA travel regulations
• Non-scented,
• Not greasy, oily or sticky
• Non-irritating to the skin, doesn’t cause an allergic skin reaction
• Doesn’t damage synthetic material
• Can be used worry free on children 6 months and older

Always read the label and product information before use.
Classes only apply in Quebec

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