Bayer™ Annihilator Polyzone

The new generation of insecticides: a concentrated formula ready to be diluted, as efficient indoors (agricultural buildings: chicken coops, pig farms, horse stables, etc.) as outdoors.

Can be used on different kinds of surfaces (cement, wood, etc.). This product is resistant to rain and wind and is designed to last for up to 12 weeks.

Easy-to-use container with integrated pouring spout and measurement.

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Data sheet of Bayer™ Annihilator Polyzone
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The purchase of this product requires a Class 3 license from the MELCC. Please contact us to open an account.


Annihilator Polyzone liquid concentrate provides broad-spectrum control of crawling and flying pests, including flies, darkling beetles, mosquitoes and ticks. With POLYZONE® technology the active ingredient physically adheres to the indoor or outdoor targeted area, even on surfaces such as unpainted and painted wood, PVC or concrete.

Before use, read the label and the recommendations.
Classes only apply in Quebec


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