Annihilator Polyzone: an insecticide that stays active for up to 12 weeks

Vache qui mange dans l'allee d'une etable

Laboratoire G.M.F is proud to introduce a new product for the extermination of harmful insects: Annihilator POLYZONE.

This broad-spectrum insecticide is weatherproof no matter where it is sprayed: cement, wood, plastic, or brick. Its formula allows it to work for up to 12 weeks, indoors or outdoors. If you are a farmer and want to protect your livestock from flies, mosquitoes, ticks and beetles, this is the product for you.

Undeniable advantages for farmers

The Annihilator Polyzone has several undeniable advantages for farmers who seek to efficiently protect their livestock and investment against flying and crawling insects.

Its main advantages are:

  • It is applied only 4 times a year
  • It works on all kinds of surfaces, painted or not
  • It’s an easy-to-use insecticide, indoors and outdoors
  • Its efficiency is proven even in areas that must be regularly cleaned
  • It offers excellent value in terms of price and quality; up to 20,000 square feet can be treated with a single bottle (at a rate of 2.5 ml per 10 m2)
  • It is an excellent insecticide to exterminate flies, mosquitoes, and ticks.

An efficient insecticide for farming installations

POLYZONE’s technology allows its active ingredient, deltamethrin, to physically adhere to the surface it is sprayed on, thanks to a polymer coating. Even after rain, wind and repeated washing, the insecticide will stay active for 12 weeks, contrary to other products that simply wash away with water and quickly lose their efficiency.

Annihilator Polyzone uses a technology to gradually release the active ingredient through dissipation that is slow, yet lethal to harmful insects. The result is minimal loss for maximum efficiency against flying and crawling destructive insects.

To use Annihilator Polyzone, simply dilute the product and spray it on the targeted areas every 3 months. Treat the areas where you have seen insects or where they are most likely to hide. Outdoors, it is recommended to apply the product on widespread areas or on specific zones, such as inside cracks and crevices, for example.

To find out more about how this product works, watch this short video:

An ingredient that’s safe for your animals

Annihilator Polyzone’s active ingredient is deltamethrin. While it is a powerful insecticide, it is safe for animals as well as for land and aquatic plants.

Annihilator Polyzone can therefore be safely sprayed in chicken coops, stables, pig farms or other agricultural installations. It will efficiently protect your livestock from destructive insects without causing it any harm.

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